About Us

Enchanted Bridal offers a unique range of affordable ready-to-wear custom gowns. Established in 2017, Enchanted Bridal was founded when Stella and Cathy were searching for their own wedding dress inspiration. This lead them to the realisation of the lack of affordability in wedding dresses in Sydney.

Stella and Cathy then took their search overseas, where they found amazingly affordable wedding gowns. The pair felt that it was unfair their fellow Australian brides were missing out on such great prices and alas, Enchanted Bridal was created.   

At Enchanted Bridal we know that purchasing from overseas is scary as your expectations do not always reflect the reality. Located in Sydney, we showcase all our dresses, so you can be confident in the product you are purchasing. Enchanted Bridal is committed to offering affordable gowns, to help you save money for your big day!


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